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Telling Your Performance Story

Isn’t it enough to just measure our activities?

Did you know for 2017 the top trends seen by federal granting agencies highlight Outcomes and Performance Metrics?

Top Trends From Federal Funding Agencies

Source: Brustein & Manasevit,


A dashboard is reporting tool, a performance report but told in a different way. Commonly used by business, it is increasingly being adopted by the education sector to help demonstrate our outcomes and impact.

  • Data and Trends
  • Metrics and Measures
  • Key Performance Indicators

 Moving your dashboard into the cloud​

Have you sought a way to engage your stakeholders by telling them your story through visual data? An online dashboard of your key data, metrics and KPIs is the answer.

Luka Partners will work with you to establish your dashboard, create it online so you can access it anytime from anywhere and provide one year of updates so you can keep your data and KPIs current.

The fee for this service is a flat $1500 for your first three dashboard pages. Contact us to set up a call so we can explain how it works. In the meantime, see this project dashboard we created. As you roll over the data and right click or double click you can see the information source. Remember you are seeing this live in the cloud.