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Evaluation and Assessment

If evaluation were useful, this is what would it look like:

  • Testing the reality of your results
  • Telling the whole story: good and bad
  • Going above and beyond to make sure the story is true
  • Examining what promises have been made
  • Creating indicators that are relevant to the outcomes they assess
  • Giving evidence for program decision making
  • Creating visual representations of your data and results (see our dashboard development services)

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Evaluation over your project’s life tells you:

  • To what extent did your project receive the resources it planned for
  • To what extent did actions result in implementation
  • What happened as a result of the program’s activities
  • What has been learned about your project’s effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes
  • What happened that would not have happened without your intervention
  • What is the impact: the long-term and sustainable change at program end that has occurred
  • In the perfect world, evaluation tells you what happened and why

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When you work with Luka Partners we focus on:

  • Capturing and communicating the dynamic evolution of your project
  • Transforming measurements into evidence
  • Detecting progress and success
  • Providing feedback in near real time to optimize your project
  • Giving you the information you need to make key decisions
  • Helping you sustain the interest of your stakeholders

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When you work with Luka Partners we help define your purpose:

  • What questions will be answered
  • How the findings will be used
  • What is to be monitored
  • What is the program theory or Logic Model of your program
  • What are your Key Performance Indicators

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