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Developing Your Proposal

If you engage with Luka Partners at the proposal development stage what can you expect?

  • Questions: we will ask you questions about your project, its major goals and objectives, your timeline and your budget. You will have questions for us as well.
  • If you are responding to a solicitation we will want to examine the requirements related to evaluation.
  • We will come to a quick decision together: yes there is a good match let’s go forward or no, not a good match today.
  • If we work with you at the proposal stage we expect to become your evaluator when the proposal is funded.

How much should I budget for evaluation?

  • In broad terms evaluation costs tend to equal between 6 and 10% of a proposal’s total costs.
  • Once we know the scope of what is involved you will see a draft scope of work and a cost.

Contact us we will help set up a realistic, well-justified budget for your evaluation.


What will I get from Luka Partners at the proposal stage?

The answer depends in part on the requirements of the agency you are submitting to. Typically it might be:

1. A letter of commitment to include in your proposal that contains:

  • A description of our credentials emphasizing the “fit”
  • A high level summary of :
    Communication plan
    Basic elements of evaluation plan
    Process to provide evidence
    Outline a project dashboard
    References coordination with the College’s IR office (if applicable)
    Defines surveys
    Itemizes specific deliverable such as annual report
    The cost and compensation

2. The Evaluation section of your proposal

  • You may want to include Luka Partners as part of your proposal development team. We will develop the evaluation aspects and review your proposal to make sure the goals, objectives and measureable outcomes all align with the evaluation plan. This is something we charge for and we will give you a quote.

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